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Xiamen PRT technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is the leading and professional printing solution provider in China, specializing in the R&D, production, distribution of thermal printer mechanisms, panel printers and also Kiosk solution.

Located in Xiamen with 3 bases, PRT Technology has the headquarter in Aide Airport Industrial Park (16,000 square meters) near to airport T3 &T4, the warehouse base in Xike (18,000 square meters) and manufacture base in Tong’an (covering 40 acres, with a construction area of 26,676 square meters).

There are more than 1500 employees in PRT Technology, including more than 250 engineers in the R&D team. Nowadays more than 130 patented technologies had been obtained, and various new products had been developed to meet the requirements from multivariate market. There are 5 SMT production lines, 25 printer mechanism assembling lines and 14 printer assembling lines, which can meet the huge demand from our clients. What is more,there are the professional quality-control team with more than 100 people and also engineering team with more than 50 engineers, which make that our production is going well and also quality under strict control.

Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries. In 2018,we sold up to 16.8 million pcs of printer mechanism,gaining the largest market share in the global market. Due to the first-class quality and excellent technical support ,we get the high reputation from our clients.

Core Value

Culture of Company

Integrity / Integrity is the first priority of enterprise development. Only uphold the integrity of management can the enterprise run stably and well in a long time.

Universal love / Start from the self, learn to care yourself and others with word and expression.

Practice / To think, to achieve.

Innovation / Dare to be the first, trying and creating new things.

Pursuit of Excellence/ Pursue the best quality, and create the finest products with craftsmanship.

Collaboration and Win-Win/ Cooperation is indispensable for the development of modern society, while anyone who only on his own is eventually doomed to failure.


Make everyone see what they believe in.


Provide the most prominent printing solution with professional technologies and excellent services, so as to become the leading printing brand around the world.

Business principle

Never stop making improvement
and being proactive.



R&D Engineers


Proportion of bachelor degree above

Software Dept

Responsible for the design, development and testing on firmware of printer.

Mechanical Design Dept

Responsible for design, development & validation of appearance and mechanical structure.

System Application Dept

Responsible for developing system driver, SDK and APP of mobile devices .

Hardware Dept

Responsible for schematic design, PCB layout and DEBUG & EMC solution of printer,etc.

DQA Dept

Responsible for the reliability tests of mechanism, controller and also printer.

Engineering Dept

Responsible for product trial production, field application support, design & making of jig, etc.


Look forward to our cooperation. Your future,printed.


1. High-Tech Enterprise

2.ISO9001&ISO 14001

3.3C,CE &CB Certificates

4.130 Patented technologies,such as Patented Bi-autocutter Technology...

Obtain 130 patented technologies

Covered Area

Work Together to Succeed

Office Area 13000㎡
Warehouse Area 27000㎡
Workshop Area 14000㎡
Dormitory Area 5000㎡
Canteen Area 1000㎡

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